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Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S3E19

This episode is a segment episode where I talk about the current events within the collecting realm of the world, new TCG’s that you may or may not have heard of and the things I’ve been buying lately. This episode is a result of your feedback (which is much appreciated) so expect more content like this to come! Thank you for being here 🙂

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Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S3E14

Collecting Pokemon – Watching Trends and Predicting Behavior with @ferraratron_pokemon and @pancake_analytics
Matt is a therapist by trade and by night a full fledge Pokemon, Star Wars (& more). He’s an especially avid collector of the Expedition Pokemon set.

Tom (@pancake_analytics) is a data scientist by day and by night uses his data science skills to build reports and forecasts that pertain to Pokemon and how we collect. Check out his reports here:

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Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S3E9 & S3E10

Conner is a practicing financial professional who collects TCG’s and bodybuilds! He especially loves collecting vintage Japanese slabs and vintage Harry Potter cards.

James is an avid investor across the board and recently re-entered the Pokemon market in 2020. He also has been an avid Soccer fan and card collector.

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Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S3E8

Evan is an entrepreneur, inventor, and educator. He helps people start businesses the proper way. For 8 years Evan worked both as a firefighter and a CEO for his businesses. Now he runs them full time and teaches the things he’s learned along the way. To learn more about Evan visit

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Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S3E6 & S3E7

For this episode I brought on Anna from @pokegalofficial and let me tell you, she is a gem. She’s a long time (20+ years) collector with a BEAST collection. I’m talking vintage booster boxes, modern booster boxes and dozens of full binders. She’s been doing this for a while and she knows her shit 😉

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