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What’s the first rule of hobby collecting? By whatever the f*** you love.

What’s the second rule of hobby collecting? BY WHATEVER THE F*** YOU LOVE!

What do these two rules have to do with turning your collection into an investment nest egg? Well…if you end up buying collectibles that don’t end up growing year over year in value, then at least you have a bunch of collectibles you f***ing love!

On the Geeked Out Collecting podcast I talk to a bunch of very cool collectors and hobby investors in the community and we talk about a ton of interesting hobby collecting topics:

  • Collecting what you love
  • Growing your collection like a nest egg
  • Picking collectibles that give you returns
  • & More!

Here are a few of the guests we’ve had on so far:

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S2E25

In today’s episode I just wanted to give a few updates regarding the pod, what I’m working and what you can expect for season 3. Card shows, projects, amazing guests, all of it! Stay tuned 😉

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S2E23 & S2E24

If you’re a long time listener then you’d know I’ve been fascinated with the vintage video game market and I have finally brought on a vintage video game expert! Help me welcome RJ to the podcast 🙂 He’s been a collector ever since he was a kid playing on the 3rd gen Sega Genesis. In this episode,RJ walks me through the vintage video game market and how to get started collecting if you are beginner. This was a fun conversation whether you’re interested in video games or not, but if you do end up start collecting video games because of this episode, please hit me up on IG and let me know what you bought 😉

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S2E21 & S2E22

Today I had the honor and privilege to have on none other than David Persin onto the podcast! He was such a gem because of how extensive his knowledge is from collecting to actual investing so he has a very unique perspective to explore. We go after a lot of different things when it comes to Pokemon but I think his mindset demonstrates that regardless of how you collect, there are fundamental success principles that will help you along if you are trying to turn your collection into a nest egg.

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Final Episode! Geeked Out Collecting

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  1. Final Episode!
  2. Collecting Vintage Video Games w/ RJ from @solidtechretro (Part 1)
  3. Collecting Vintage Video Games w/ RJ from @solidtechretro (Part 2)
  4. Turning Your Pokemon Collection into a Nest Egg w/ David Persin (Part 2)
  5. Turning Your Pokemon Collection into a Nest Egg w/ David Persin (Part 1)

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