Collecting is fun, whether you do it because…

We’ve done all three! Regardless of why you collect, there will always be blockers or challenges that cross your path.

If you’re a flipping beginner, you know in the beginning, calculating net profit is tough. If you collect for fun, you know how hard it is to keep track of what you have and what you don’t have, especially if you have a descent size collection. When you invest for the future, you have to figure out what you’ll build positions in and it’s also nice to check in on how much your collection has appreciated over time.

All of these problems are “good problems” because these are all fixable and manageable.

Here are some tools that we’ve developed (and are currently developing) that will make collecting 20x easier. We hope this helps you on your collecting journey regardless of your goals.

Let’s build something together.

Do you have any idea for a cool collecting tool? Or do you have an idea for a cool feature add-on for anything I’ve already created? Let me know!