Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S2E23 & S2E24

If you’re a long time listener then you’d know I’ve been fascinated with the vintage video game market and I have finally brought on a vintage video game expert! Help me welcome RJ to the podcast 🙂 He’s been a collector ever since he was a kid playing on the 3rd gen Sega Genesis. In this episode,RJ walks me through the vintage video game market and how to get started collecting if you are beginner. This was a fun conversation whether you’re interested in video games or not, but if you do end up start collecting video games because of this episode, please hit me up on IG and let me know what you bought 😉

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S2E21 & S2E22

Today I had the honor and privilege to have on none other than David Persin onto the podcast! He was such a gem because of how extensive his knowledge is from collecting to actual investing so he has a very unique perspective to explore. We go after a lot of different things when it comes to Pokemon but I think his mindset demonstrates that regardless of how you collect, there are fundamental success principles that will help you along if you are trying to turn your collection into a nest egg.

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – S2 E16

Last week I was hanging out with family and I had the opportunity and privilege to try and explain to older generations why we spend money on Pokemon cards. Of course it went exactly as you can imagine and I convinced no one of anything. Actually I take that back, I convinced myself that the conversation was pointless because they had already made up their mind.

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – S2 E15

Get ready! This podcast episode I had the pleasure of bringing on Tom from @pancake_analytics and we get super data nerdy. If you know me, you know that I work in data all day every day so bringing on a data scientist was an absolute no brainer. We get into Data Science, Machine Learning, Models, AI and we apply it to hobby collectibles! 

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – S2 E14

This is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart that gets hardly any love or attention from the hobby overall and that is data literacy. It’s a very important topic to cover because data fundamentally has very persuasive qualities and with the lack of complete and accurate data in the hobby collectibles world, I want to share go through a few topics in the hopes that you will be less duped by the bad data out there.

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – S2 E13

If you’re like many of us, you’re collecting Pokemon product you love while also building a nice, cushy nest egg. In this episode, I brought on Eric from @pokemonster89 and we talked about his collection, how he’s acquired it and what advice he can give us as we build our nest eggs. Plot twist: don’t sell yourself short – stay patient and you can build up to getting some amazing cards.

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – S2 E11

For all of us who LOVE looking at hobby collecting from a pragmatic financial lens, you will absolutely love the conversation I had with Jeremy Padawer. He has been an avid collector with a massive collection across so many different sectors like WWE figurines, sports cards, Pokemon and so many others. In this episode, we really dig deep into his mindset and how he assesses franchises and their collectibility. You don’t want to miss this one.

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – S2 E10

For today’s guest I brought on Conner from @rocpokemon. If you haven’t heard of him before, today is your lucky day because he is a financial professional during the day and at night a Pokemon collector and investor. His insight so is grounded and well informed – with everything that he talks about, he brings it back to a financial principle/concept/thesis so take out your notebook, you will need it!