Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S3E6 & S3E7

For this episode I brought on Anna from @pokegalofficial and let me tell you, she is a gem. She’s a long time (20+ years) collector with a BEAST collection. I’m talking vintage booster boxes, modern booster boxes and dozens of full binders. She’s been doing this for a while and she knows her shit 😉

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S3E5

For this episode I brought on Steven from @pokedreamer. Yes, that PokeDreamer 😉 Steven is an architect by day and Pokemon collector and PSA/CGC/BGS display maker by night. He’s an OG collector and what really drew me to his account was his amazing collection of Southern Island cards. Specifically his two complete PSA 10 sets (he used to have 3). We definitely had a great chat and of course he tells us the story of when he sold one of his slabs to then turn around and by it back, enjoy!

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S3E4

For this episode I brought on Jay from Noscotchtape. I wanted him on because I love his collection – he has a great mix English and amazing Japanese cards. He’s also into collecting Legends Star Wars comics like myself so we absolutely nerd out! Anyways, we talk about a number of things including the current state of the hobby as we see it, collecting and speculating. I hope you enjoy 😉

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast S3E1

I figured a great way to start things off bring on a fellow Fortnite collector Wayne Vanpelt. He describes to us what it’s like to go HARD on the ground floor of a new trading card set, Fortnite. He and his son have spent a few years now collecting Fortnite and building probably the rarest Fortnite collection in the world (hint: they have prototype cards). Sit back, relax and enjoy 🙂