Jessica - Geeked Out Collecting
Jessica – Geeked Out Collecting

Jessica – Founder of Geeked Out

Nice to meet you! My name is Jessica and I’m just your typical nerd who loves collecting! I started this back in 2019 because I wanted to share the excitement of collecting and meet other people who felt the same way!

I collect these hobbies:

  • Pokemon
  • Magic the Gathering
  • Comic Books
  • Funko Pop!
  • Force of Will
  • Weiß Schwarz
  • Video Games

(As you can tell, I’m a sucker for Geeky things)

My normal day-to-day job I work as a developer and data analyst, so naturally I’ve brought those skills to Geeked Out. As a collector, I noticed I had a need for certain kinds of software and since I love building things, I decided to make them myself.

Since I’m not the only collector, I decided to share what I’ve built to other collectors in the hopes they’re just as useful as they have been for me.

Check out my Collecting Tools & Resources page if you want to try them out for yourself. (They’re free!)

About Geeked Out Collecting

Geeked Out Collecting is a passion project from one collector to another.

The purpose of Geeked Out Collecting is to help hobby collectors and investors grow their collections and their positions in product. We accomplish this by providing information, resources and tools that will help you along your journey of collecting the things you want and love!