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Geeked Out Collecting

Helping Collectors Turn Collections into Nest Eggs

I’m a grown up nerd and one of my investments strategies is buying physical assets, aka hobby collectibles! I’m talking Pokemon cards, comic books, video games, you name it! It’s my mission to help my fellow collectors out there to do the exact same thing. I help by sharing my knowledge and the expertise of other nest egg collectors in the form of podcasts and blog posts, while also building tools to help make the process of collecting easier, like my Profit Calculator for eBay!

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Geeked Out Collecting Podcast

In this podcast, I apply financial and investing principles to my favorite hobbies like Pokemon cards, Magic the Gathering, Comic Books, you name it!

Geeked Out Collecting Blog

Here is where I share more information from my years of collecting so that I can help you navigate hobby collectibles without making the same mistakes I did.

Tools & Resources

I’m a developer by trade and as a collector, I experience the same pain points you do. So, what did I decide to do? Build tools that will hopefully help alleviate some of the difficulties with collecting.