The Not So Surprising (Possible) Reason Why We're Seeing a Surge in Vintage Video Game Prices

The Not So Surprising (Possible) Reason Why We're Seeing a Surge in Vintage Video Game Prices

For collectors who have been around for a while, manipulation of sales prices and fraud are not a surprise. We’ve seen a number of fraudulent activities over the years, from Bill Mastro trimming the famous Honus Wagner card to the recent incident of a $375K sale of a fake Pokemon First Edition Base Set Booster box  in October 2020. 

The fraud instances are numerous with varying degrees of impact to the markets, but still significant. 

To hear that we might be seeing the same thing with vintage graded video games to us is no surprise if officially proven to be true. Karl Jobst, a prominent Youtuber, recently released an investigative reporting piece where he breaks down for us what he alleges are fraudulent manipulations of that market in order to attract new buyers into the market. 

Jobst’s video is quite compelling. WATA and Heritage as of this time have denied all allegations, so I’m not sure when we’ll see the truth come out. We may not see this resolve one way or another unless an official Federal investigation looks into this, but in the meantime if you’ve been considering buying grade video games, tread carefully. 

Fully inform yourself and do research. Don’t let the market sales history bully you into spending high amounts because those prices don’t necessarily reflect true rarity of the games, which is a huge blocker for collectors to make educated decisions. Not truly knowing the rarity of the games makes pricing these items a fool’s errand. 

On a more positive note, Geeked Out is working to do research on this so stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, I suggest giving this monster of an expose a watch so that you can come to your own conclusions and as always, tread carefully. 

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