Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – S2 E15

Meet the Data Scientist Keeping the Hobby Honest – Tom from @pancake_analytics


Get ready! This podcast episode I had the pleasure of bringing on Tom from @pancake_analytics and we get super data nerdy. If you know me, you know that I work in data all day every day so bringing on a data scientist was an absolute no brainer. We get into Data Science, Machine Learning, Models, AI and we apply it to hobby collectibles! 

You can find Tom here: 

Time Stamps: 

  • Intro | 0:00:00
  • How hard it REALLY is to track card sales and value accurately | 0:03:27
  • Fraud and outliers in data science | 0:15:15
  • Trust but verify | 0:20:03
  • Tom’s 25 Year sweet spot hypothesis | 0:32:57
  • Data variables | 0:48:40
  • Teaching AI to make sales projections | 0:51:35
  • Marvel and Pokemon | 0:58:48
  • “We need access to the data” – it’s hard to assess value | 1:06:58
  • Moving into data science | 1:23:20

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