Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – S2 E13

How to Build Your Vintage Pokemon Nest Egg w/ an OG Collector – Eric from @pokemonster89


If you’re like many of us, you’re collecting Pokemon product you love while also building a nice, cushy nest egg. In this episode, I brought on Eric from @pokemonster89 and we talked about his collection, how he’s acquired it and what advice he can give us as we build our nest eggs. Plot twist: don’t sell yourself short – stay patient and you can build up to getting some amazing cards.

Here’s how to find Eric: 

Time Stamps: 

  • Intro | 0:00:00
  • Pokemon Card Sheets | 0:01:31
  • Eric’s collection and his story | 0:03:22
  • Collecting to build a nest egg vs. collecting what you love | 0:16:39
  • Japanese sets | 0:23:50
  • In person sales and price impact | 0:31:28
  • Influencers influencing the market | 0:38:45
  • Buying 9’s and the rubber band | 0:53:18
  • Where the market is now | 1:04:09
  • Protecting your valuables | 1:19:55
  • Getting multiple perspectives and being educated on the market | 1:34:15
  • “Chasing the past in the present” | 1:41:26

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