Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – S2 E9

Dissecting Pokemon with a Financial Professional – Conner from @rocpokemon


For today’s guest I brought on Conner from @rocpokemon. If you haven’t heard of him before, today is your lucky day because he is a financial professional during the day and at night a Pokemon collector and investor. His insight so is grounded and well informed – with everything that he talks about, he brings it back to a financial principle/concept/thesis so take out your notebook, you will need it!

Here’s how you can find Conner: 

Show Notes

  • Intro | 0:00:00
  • Conner’s Background | 0:03:34
  • Harry Potter Cards | 0:12:05
  • If you don’t have the cash, it’s not a good deal | 0:20:37
  • Discussion around patterns in the market | 0:28:38
  • Mitigating risk | 0:34:27
  • Paying too much for cards?  | 0:43:30
  • Asset allocation in hobby collecting | 0:52:51
  • Japanese Market | 1:10:24
  • Market education | 1:18:21
  • More Japanese Market | 1:22:02
  • Conner’s Buying Strategy for 2021 | 1:33:40
  • Logan Paul’s Recent Auction – they’re buying more than just the packs | 1:55:22
  • Have we hit the Pokemon Cap this year already?  | 2:06:53
  • Where you can reach Conner | 2:24:17

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