Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – S2 E5

How to Use Pokemon Cards as an Investing Tool w/ James from @firstedition_pokemoncards


For this episode I had the pleasure to bring on one of my good hobby buddies James. I wanted to bring him on because I love his perspective and insight into the hobby. He’s spent some time in the finance world so as a former day trader, he applied the same methods and principles he learned from doing that to Pokemon. 

Here are a few things we cover:

  • determining which sets to invest in 
  • buying raw singles and getting them graded
  • finding pockets in the market with great ROI’s

You can find James here: 

Show Notes:

  • Intro 0:00:00
  • Japanese Market 0:02:56
  • How to make money on the buy 0:04:54
  • How James went all in on Pokemon 0:08:28
  • Strategies he learned from collecting Euro Football cards 0:11:34
  • How James got started in collectibles 0:13:13
  • Soccer cards vs. Pokemon 0:15:48
  • FOMO 0:17:59
  • Getting back into Soccer cards 0:21:06
  • Pokemon hasn’t hit prime price 0:36:12
  • Choosing the game you want to play 0:44:34
  • Talking about Pokemon cards like an investment 0:49:01
  • Pop reports will go up, but here’s a caveat 0:55:10
  • Pokemon sets we’re looking at 1:03:15
  • Money is in the data 1:14:20
  • Another populations report caveat 1:42:00
  • Shadowless 1:57:31
  • Current US Economic Behaviors and Hedging inflation 2:08:32

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