Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – Episode 9

w/ Jason Stum from Certified Comic Shop


In this episode I brought on Jason Stum from, an online graded comic store with the mission of helping comic book collectors collect the comics they love. If you sell Pokemon cards or anything nerdy, you will love this episode because Jason shows us the inside of his comic book business and how we can apply it to our own businesses.

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  • Jason’s story 4:30
  • MCU movie releases and having the keys strategy 8:50
  • Growing beyond a side hustle and setting rules 10:15
  • The business of selling graded comics 11:49
  • Working the side hustle around your life  12:30
  • Collecting as a six year old 13:43
  • Consignment and Content 17:07 
  • The Certified Comic Shop Fly Wheel Business Model and Ecosystem 21:59
  • The key to your pursuits: have a mission statement to check yourself against 25:35
  • Pricing Shenanigans 26:52
  • Online Comic Shops and the cash flow mindset 29:06
  • Dreams of a brick and mortar 32:18
  • Pendulum swings 34:30
  • The physical location experience 35:43
  • Jason’s secret comic shop idea 38:23
  • Comic books and today’s kids’ interest 39:47
  • Action Figures and Modern Comics 41:24
  • Hobby scalpers and how Papa Hasbro doesn’t really care 44:15
  • Comics are now more for the collectors now 47:05
  • Variants 49:39
  • Star Wars 1977 Topps 58:54
  • Transitioning from collector to seller 1:06:33
  • One to read one to keep and a pro tip 1:10:19
  • Having the patience so that you can maximize ROI 1:13:09
  • Comic-preneurs 1:17:23
  • Transparency builds a brand 1:22:06
  • Becoming a distributor and the race to the bottom 1:26:45
  • Finding the hours and my programming side hustle 1:38:29
  • The Key Collector Comics App 1:40:23
  • Pokémon Dad Jokes 1:42:24
  • D&D Nerdiness and how I’ve never played the Pokemon Card Game 1:43:40
  • Our collections 1:46:55
  • Star Wars comics and what I’m collecting 1:49:35
  • Mandalorian season, Star Wars things and our favorite story things 1:51:15
  • More than nostalgia 2:00:05
  • Nerd shame as an adult 2:03:19
  • Business side of podcasting 2:08:53
  • What can investors learn from the Comic Book Industry? 2:16:59

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