Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – Episode 11

w/ Ray from @thenashvilleflippers


For this episode I brought on Ray from @thenashvilleflippers not only because he is a hobby collector and investor, but also because he is a part time eBay reseller. I wanted to get his insight on selling because it is an overlooked skill when it comes to collecting and long term investing. Collectors forget that there may come ties in the future where we’ll want/need to sell parts of our collections so we will NEED to know how to sell. 

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  • [00:00]- Introduction of the podcast.
  • [02:09]- Introduction of today’s guest Ray: an eBay flipper
  • [04:58]- eBay flipping is definitely a skill that anyone can learn
  • [07:35]- Ray’s hobby collection
  • [09:38]- How Ray started the sneaker’s collection and got into flipping space
  • [14:49]- Sneakers resale market
  • [16:55]- Importance of doing “market research” & selecting the right products for reselling
  • [23:15]- Vintage or Modern Pokémon Cards: which one is best from an investment perspective.
  • [24:15]- Pay attention to collecting data if you are in the flipping business.
  • [24:57]- Terapeak market research tool.
  • [26:00]- Pay attention to eBay fees.
  • [26:42]- Free data calculator for flippers.
  • [27:40]- Before buying any product pay attention to the description, feedback, and listings.
  • [32:06]- Making mistakes
  • [32:36]- Fortnite card’s resale market.
  • [33:28]- Keep stuff sealed, be patient, and wait for the right time to flip.
  • [34:49]- Keep Pokémon cards sealed.
  • [36:12]- Jessica’s hobby collection.
  • [37:43]- Back story of Ray’s 1st TCG: Magic the Gathering
  • [40:29]- What cards you can’t and you can play with?  
  • [42:42]- Sports Cards or Pokémon Cards: which one is best to invest on?
  • [45:16]- How to decide what to keep and what to flip for profit.
  • [52:51]- Resale market of BANDAI Carddass Pokemon cards
  • [1:02:05]- Mental and physical fitness.
  • [1:08:20]- Benefits of doing fighting arts like Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and Krav Maga
  • [1:09:40]- Discussion about Mixed martial arts (MMA).
  • [1:13:17]- Every hobby collector should learn the art of selling
  • [1:17:28]- How many sealed collection boxes does Ray have now?
  • [1:19:04]- Future of vintage Pokémon Cards.
  • [1:21:40]- Advice for all hobby collectors: keep your collection for long term
  • [1:22:26]- Buy what’s selling
  • [1:24:45]- Video games resale market

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