Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – Episode 10

w/ Joel from @Modern_Card1


In this episode I brought on Joel from @modern_card1. He is a collectibles investor with positions in Pokemon cards (vintage and modern), Football cards and Fortnite cards! I brought him on to get his perspective regarding investing in modern Pokemon cards specifically because a lot of investors are very averse to them. I may still prefer vintage cards, but he offers a lot of information regarding investing in modern cards if you’d like to diversify your Pokemon investment.

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Joel’s investing backstory 3:05
  • Why invest in Fortnite cards 5:13
  • Putting feelers out for modern cards 6:20
  • Trophy cards 8:20
  • Pokemon balancing between print runs and pull rates 9:31
  • Modern ETB’s 11:21
  • Gold Charizard coming soon? 12:41
  • Japanese Pokemon cards are in a league of their own 13:07
  • Mapping modern Pokemon booster boxes 13:53
  • Scamming makes the real thing more valuable 15:17
  • Learning from sellers remorse and staying the course 16:45
  • What I’d ask Gary from Pawn Stars if he was on my podcast 19:50
  • Don’t invest in modern Pokemon cards for the short term 22:28
  • What Magic the Gathering can teach Pokemon investors 23:18
  • Shipping can be the scariest part 25:29
  • PSA vs. BGS 28:15
  • Grading cards is a skill 31:03
  • Sometimes the most valuable cards are the ones no one took care of 34:03
  • Don’t sleep on lower graded cards 34:42
  • eBay makes Pokemon cards accessible 36:20
  • Supply and demand in Pokemon cards 40:40
  • The strategy for investing in Modern Pokemon cards 42:04
  • The Evolutions Set 49:30
  • If you have $100 to spend on Pokemon cards, buy these! 51:27
  • First edition stamps on modern Pokemon cards? 54:50
  • Do hobbies bleed into each other? 57:53
  • $3M Mike Trout card vs. $2.8M record breaking baseballs 1:01:09
  • It’s about the amount of money you’re risking 1:05:57
  • Communities around markets 1:07:03
  • Pokemon and blockchain 1:12:53
  • If you see a PSA 10 for $20, just buy it 1:14:45
  • It’s the same patterns over and over 1:16:47
  • Fortnite cards 1:19:06
  • Getting staff cards and other scarce cards 1:25:12
  • Buyers and sellers: DO YOUR RESEARCH! 1:26:31
  • Print numbers on Pokemon cards 1:28:25
  • Will Pokemon copy Magic the Gathering? 1:29:29
  • Blockchain and sports cards 1:30:24
  • Every prospect that doesn’t work out is a lesson you’ve learned 1:38:28
  • 2020 Baseball and Football cards 1:41:20
  • Old heads vs. Panini 1:44:31
  • Know what you’re selling 1:51:38
  • Pull rates 1:56:55
  • For the love of the hunt 1:59:00
  • Remember this moving forward 2:00:00

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