Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – Episode 8

w/ Special Guest Dan & Travis from @goingtwice_com

Geeked Out Collecting Podcast – Episode 8


In this episode we have Dan and Travis from Going Twice, an online and retail auction house serving clients nationwide. Dan and Travis have been buying and selling Pokemon cards for quite some time now, so if you buy and sell or invest in the hobby, you will love learn so much from them. 

Here are a few topics we cover:

  • When to grade PSA vs. BGS vs. CGC vs. GMA
  • Trusting the market and selling on auctions
  • Card scandals and the FBI

You can find them on Instagram @goingtwice_comYou can find their auctions at


  • Dan and Travis origin story 
  • Going Twice business strategy 
  • Consignment and PWCC
  • Card scandals and the FBI
  • How eBay can handle fraud better
  • Shill bidding
  • Market manipulation vs actual investing
  • Safest cards to buy
  • 90s Sports cards print runs and modern Pokemon
  • Don’t see bulk cards
  • Modern sealed product
  • Picking the market cap
  • Meeting Pokemon demand
  • Selling yourself vs consignment
  • Giving buyers an appreciation head start
  • Sealed product – pay the premium 
  • Finding deals
  • Buying raw cards vs graded cards
  • Where and how to grade
  • PSA is behind on grading how many cards??
  • Auctions with Reserve Prices
  • Making it right as a seller
  • Grading for long term or for the flip
  • Declared value
  • Why PSA is slow
  • Grading tips
  • The old rules no longer apply
  • Finding 4 Black Lotuses in a storage unit
  • Beta dual lands
  • The Magic market
  • Elite products don’t decline
  • Pain threshold
  • Growing your own shop
  • Keep your cushion in product, not cash

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